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Seafood Mix for Rice & Spaghetti
Seafood Mix for Rice & Spaghetti


Seafood Mix for Rice & Spaghetti

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10.6 oz | Vacuum Packed  | Ships Frozen

  • All Natural
  • Wild Caught/Farm Raised
  • Mix of Calamari, Clams, Mussels & Shrimp

Enrich any rice or pasta dish with the Seafood Mix for Rice and Spaghetti pack.

This premium mix is the ultimate frozen seafood combination. Comprised of squid rings and tentacles, cooked clam meat, cooked mussel meat, and peeled shrimp, this seafood mix is extremely versatile. The frozen seafood pack is ideal for a quick, healthy, and tasty pasta or rice dish.

There are no shells to discard, squid to clean, or shrimp to peel, so your prep time is virtually eliminated. The mix is vacuum packed to seal in fresh taste.


PanaPesca is committed to developing sustainable practices in the seafood industry. We support and develop sustainability initiatives and organizations that seek to improve and maintain marine ecosystems.


Lemon Parmesan Seafood Risotto


Ingredients: Calamari Rings & Tentacles (Raw), Mussel Meat (Cooked), Clam Meat (Cooked), Peeled Shrimp (Raw)

Contains: Shellfish

Product of Thailand

Nutrition Facts