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10.6 oz | Vacuum Packed | Ships Frozen
  • All Natural
  • Wild Caught
  • 40/60 Count per Pound (Approx. 35 scallops per pack)

With their mild, sweet flavor and tender texture, our frozen scallops make for an appetizing and versatile protein for your plate! Often served as starters, just a few of these frozen scallops make a generous portion.

The all-natural scallops are wild-caught, quick-frozen, and vacuum-sealed to lock in their fresh taste. These frozen scallops are trimmed and cleaned for your convenience to minimize prep time in your cooking. 

The wild-caught scallops contain minimal water content, making them ideal for pan-searing in oil or butter for a delicious caramelized flavor!

Wild-caught scallops are naturally sweet and have a subtle seafood flavor. As well as cooking from frozen, you can defrost your frozen scallops overnight in the fridge.

Ingredients: Scallops

Contains: Shellfish

Product of Thailand

Nutrition Facts