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Octopus Tentacles, Blanched
Octopus Tentacles, Blanched
Octopus Tentacles, Blanched


Octopus Tentacles, Blanched

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10.6 oz | Vacuum Packed | Ships Frozen

  • All Natural
  • Wild Caught
  • Blanched

Our all natural Octopus Tentacles provide great flavor and an impressive presentation that is sure to excite any crowd!

The properly portioned blanched octopus takes the worry out of prep and allows you to focus on cooking. The octopus is vacuum packed to lock in fresh taste, and a good source of protein and iron.

Slow cook for tender meat or quickly grill for a crunchy and flavorful preparation!


Octopus Poke Salad

Miso Glazed Octopus en Plancha


Ingredients: Octopus Tentacles (Blanched)

Contains: Shellfish

Product of Thailand