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Baby Clam Meat & Juice
Baby Clam Meat & Juice
Baby Clam Meat & Juice


Baby Clam Meat & Juice

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1 lb | Pillow Pack | Ships Frozen

  • All Natural
  • Farm Raised
  • Fully Cooked
Whether you are cooking a batch of Manhattan or New England clam chowder, the sweet clean flavor of our Baby Clam Meat is the perfect accompaniment!
Our Baby Clam Meat is all natural, sand-free, and simple to thaw and use. The meats are packed in their own juice with no chemicals or additives used, allowing the clam’s natural flavor to shine!
Pairs well with our in shell Baby Clams for pasta dishes.



Clam Pasta with Basil


Ingredients: Baby Clam Meat with Natural Juice (Fully Cooked)

Contains: Shellfish

Product of China

Nutrition Facts