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Clams in Shell (11-16 ct/lb)
Clams in Shell (11-16 ct/lb)
Clams in Shell (11-16 ct/lb)


Clams in Shell (11-16 ct/lb)

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1 lb | Vacuum Packed | Ships Frozen
  • All Natural
  • Farm Raised
  • 11-16 count/lb

Easily cook up linguine and clams, classic steamers, and more!

Our Hardshell Frozen Clams are all-natural, sand-free, and fully cooked. The vacuum pack process retains the clam's natural juices and flavor and provides 100% yield with no broken or unusable clams to discard. They are an excellent source of iron and vitamin C.

Clams in their shells have a rich flavor and are easily cooked from frozen. Once cooked, the clam meat is simple to remove. 

To prepare, the clams can be boiled or steamed in or outside of the packaging. Reheat the clams by boiling, steaming, or sautéing for 8-10 minutes, and they will open just as if they had been prepared from the fresh state! You can also defrost in the fridge overnight to fully thaw out your frozen clams. 


Ingredients: Clams in Shell with Natural Juice (Cooked)

Contains: Shellfish

Product of Thailand

Nutrition Facts