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Frequently Asked Questions

Your order will arrive in a corrugated cardboard box lined with a recyclable insulation pad. All items are placed inside the insulated box along with dry ice to ensure the products remain frozen in transit. We ship using the latest developments in eco-friendly packaging and materials.

If you’re not home to receive your order, we’ll leave your order at your front door. All orders are insulated and packed with dry ice. They should be placed in your freezer once received.

Yes, we recommend heating any product labeled ‘cooked’ to an internal temperature of 165°F.

All products can be cooked from frozen, however there are many instances when a product needs to be thawed to incorporate into a recipe, so this is completely up to you!

We recommend consuming any thawed products within 48 hours of being placed in the refrigerator. Do not refreeze product after it has thawed. When thawing, some leaking may occur, so we advise that you place the product on a paper towel, a plate/bowl, or something to collect this potential liquid.

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